GP Trainees

Cadbury Heath Healthcare has been accredited as a training practice. This means that we have doctors known as GP registrars and Foundation Doctors attached to the practice.  GP registrars and foundation trainees are fully qualified doctors who are training to become General Practitioners; they all have considerable hospital experience.  Our trainees are supervised by our GP Trainer, Dr Atter, but they will always have a partner available for advice if required.

Occasionally the GP trainee and GP will consult together, often this is a time when the trainee is being assessed.

They may also conduct surgeries which are video recorded. Your written consent will always be asked for prior to recording. Recorded consultations will be watched only by the registrar and Dr Atter – proving invaluable in the registrar’s education, development, and assessment.

In order to maintain our training practice status, we are regularly inspected by the deanery to ensure the highest standards are being upheld.

Medical Students

We are a core training practice for all 5 years of medical students. Medical students spend time learning about all aspects of the practice which include observing consultations, practising their examination and consultation skills under the supervision and guidance of the GP.  They also spend time with the nursing team, frontline support team and community team. They may be asked to consult with patients with support and review by the supervising GP. All GPs in the practice are involved in training medical students. Dr Cheryl Atter is our lead for Medical Student training. You will always be informed if a medical student will be present during a surgery and your consent will be requested by the supervising GP/nurse before the consultation.

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