Health Promotion & Preventative Medicine

Health Promotion And Preventative Medicine

We firmly support the principles of promoting better health and preventing disease. During consultations, the doctors and nurses will discuss general lifestyle matters and screen for certain diseases. We have a number of clinic-style appointments available for specific problems such as diabetes, hypertension, support to stop smoking, weight management, asthma and heart disease. For those aged between 40 and 74 years, we also offer an NHS Health Check.

NewIf you have a long-term health condition we would ask you to ensure with your healthcare professional that you agree when you should next be reviewed and contact us to make a mutually convenient review appointment. We are working towards reducing the number of reminder invitation letters we send.


The practice is a training practice for all qualified doctors gaining experience in general practice. From time to time, and with your permission, we may make video recordings of a doctor in consultation. You will be asked when you make your appointment if you are happy about this, and if you would prefer not to, we will make you another appointment. We teach medical students from the University of Bristol. If this ever involves you, we will always seek your prior permission.


The practice is involved in research. Your notes may be used for research purposes but all personal details will be removed beforehand.

Support for Carers

Many carers do not consider themselves to be a carer – they are just taking care of someone who needs help and getting on with what needs to be done. Carers sometimes don’t know where to go for advice and information and don’t always claim what they or the person they look after could be entitled to. If you are taking care of someone who needs help, you can seek the advice and assistance of the Carers Support Centre. 


The Carers Support Centre provides a range of services including a confidential telephone support line, a team of carer support officers and a variety of workshops, training and events. They assist carers of any age (including parent and child carers).

Non-NHS Services

There are some medical examinations, reports and certificates that are not covered by the NHS, eg HGV, fitness to drive, reports for private health insurance etc. Requests for these can be arranged by the receptionists who will advise you of the fee. The fee scale is recommended by the BMA and details are displayed in the waiting area. If you are unclear about any particular charge, the receptionists will be happy to help.

Clinical Commissioning Group

Cadbury Heath Healthcare is one of 26 practices in the South Gloucestershire area. They come under the governance of the local CCG whose details are as follows:

South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group
Corum 2
Corum Office Park
Crown Way
BS30 8FJ

Tel: 0117 947 4400

Care Quality Commission

All GP practices are required to be registered with the CQC. Their contact details are:

Care Quality Commission (South Region)

Tel: 0300 061 6161

Copying Of Letters

If you require a copy of a letter which is being sent by the doctor, please inform the doctor of this at the consultation. They will then ensure a copy is made available for you to collect.

Contact Details

Tel: 0117 980 5700
Fax: 0117 980 5701

Cadbury Health Health Centre
Parkwall Road
Cadbury Heath
BS30 8HS

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