Self-Help Apps from NHS Digital & Patient Access App

Local Services Information App 

The NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group has put together an app that can help you find your nearest & most appropriate health service using GPS mapping, wherever you are in England.

Download the free app to find advice and services for self-care

  • NHS 111
  • your nearest pharmacist
  • your nearest GP
  • your nearest walk-in or minor injuries unit
  • your nearest A&E department
  • appointment reminders
  • appointment notes

It can be downloaded here for Android (Google) and here for iOS(Apple) devices.

Health & Wellbeing Apps

There are a large number of NHS approved apps for mobile and tablet devices that can help to improve your quality of life and health.

These apps include stress relievers, smoking cessation advice, dietary recipes, exercise tips, communication tools, and much more.

If you would like to browse the full list of apps available from NHS Digital to help improve and monitor your health, please click this link here. 

Prescription Ordering & Appointment Making App 

If you have been granted online access to make appointments and order prescriptions, you can use the Patient Access app to easily log-in from your mobile or tablet device.

Click here for the Android (Google) version of the app.

Click here for the iOS (Apple) version of the app.


Resources to help you look after your unwell child

The HANDi App offers simple and straightforward advice for parents on what to do and who to contact when a child is unwell. It is available for Android and iPhones. It was originally devised by paediatricians and primary care in Taunton but has been adapted for use in the Bristol area.

It includes information on six common childhood illnesses:

  • Diarrhoea and vomiting
  • High temperature
  • Chesty baby (Bronchiolitis)
  • Chesty child (Wheeze and Asthma)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Common newborn problem

    Self-care resources for students & young adults

    The Expert Self Care student app devised by two Bristol GPs covers over 125 topics including:

  • Emergencies – learning the truth about life-threatening illnesses and how to give first aid
  • General ill health – tackling sleep problems, feeling stressed, and constant tiredness
  • Mental Health – finding out what to do when feeling low or anxious, self-harming or worried about drinking too much alcohol
  • Common ailments and physical symptoms – getting to the bottom of headaches, finding out how to treat spots, and managing common aches and pains
  • Love, sex, and relationships – learning about contraception, health relationships and spotting abuse.
  • Alcohol & Drugs – dealing with substances misuse and addictions
  • Healthy living – appreciating the importance of a healthy diet and moving our bodies
  • Travel and fun – how to prepare for travelling abroad and stay safe
  • Long-term conditions – living with diabetes, asthma and epilepsy and coping with variations in ability.
  • Safety – staying safe on campus, enjoying nights out, and being travel-smart
  • Navigating health services – what to do next and when to see a pharmacist, nurse or doctor






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