Patient Online Access – Registering and Troubleshooting

You can now book GP appointments, order prescriptions, and receive information from your medical record online via Patient Access. (Please note that it is not possible to book appointments with the nursing team through this service.)

If you have already signed up for this service and created an account please CLICK HERE.

How to Register

You must register your details for this service before you can create an account.
It’s quick and easy to register – simply follow the three steps below.

Step one:

Ask at reception for a registration form. This provides all the information you need to register to use the Patient Access internet facilities. We need to verify your identity at this stage, so you will need to bring some form of ID (dependent on who is applying for access, see below):

  • For access to your own record photographic ID & proof of address is necessary.
  • For access to someone you care forphotographic ID for you ana patient that you are caring for, as well as proof of address for the patient.
  • For access to a child’s record under 16birth certificate of child & photographic ID of parent/guardian, as well as proof of address document for the parent/guardian & child. Please note that we only provide the standard level of access for children under the age of 16 (see below for difference between standard and detailed access).

There are two levels of access available, and your selection can be made on the application form. Standard access is the most commonly requested option, providing the ability to book GP appointments and order repeat prescriptions. This will be provided within a matter of days. Detailed access allows patients to see information from their medical record, such as lab reports, allergies, immunisations, and some consultation notes. This requires approval by your registered GP, for that reason can take up to 28 days to process.

The receptionist will make a small photocopy of the ID documents that you provide above, and pass your application on to the admin team or your GP for approval (depending on what level of access you have requested). Once your application form has been processed, you will be called to collect your registration details or have them emailed directly to you.

Step two:

Once you have your registration codes, either via email or an enveloped collection, you can click here to visit the Patient Access website and create your account.

Note: It can take up to 28 days for these codes to return if you have selected to have detailed access, depending on when your registered GP is in the surgery. If you have not received your codes and are expecting them by email, please check your junk and spam folders as your inbox may have filtered the incoming mail incorrectly. If you do not have your codes within 28 days of submitting the request (or a week in the case of standard access), please contact reception to chase the progress for you.

Step three:

Enter your personal registration details exactly as they appear on the registration form. If the information does not match, your registration will not be accepted.

Once you have registered, you are now ready to book GP appointments, order prescriptions, or see your lab results online.


Please do not hesitate to contact our reception on the mainline number with any queries or problems you may have with your Patient Access account.

Further Considerations.

  • Please note that in some circumstances your GP may feel it appropriate to restrict or exclude access to information, especially that concerning third party or sensitive information (sexual/reproductive health, child/adult safeguarding, domestic violence, some mental health issues and criminal activity).
  • When accessing information via a Patient Access account, please be vigilant of confidentiality, as Cadbury Heath Healthcare has no liability for data protection breaches caused by you accessing this information whilst outside the health centre.

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