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About Fit Notes

  • You do not need to see the doctor for an illness lasting less than 7 days.
  • You only need a doctor’s certificate during the first seven days of illness if you wish to claim benefits other than Statutory Sick Pay: For example, benefits under the private insurance scheme, or to take your pre-booked holiday as sick leave instead.
  • Hospital doctors provide certificates for patients who are currently in hospital.
  • If your employer insists, then the doctor can issue you with a private certificate for a small fee.

Self Certificates

  • You do not normally need a doctor’s certificate for the first seven days of illness.
  • The Statutory Sick Pay Regulations state that employers are required to accept self-certification notes (completed by you) for the first seven days of illness. These are available from your employer.
  • You do not require any form of certification during the first four days off work.
  • If you take up to seven days because you not well enough to attend work, then you must fill in a self-certificate.
  • You will require a doctor’s certificate for any period over seven days and you will need to visit a doctor to acquire this.
  • More information is available on the Website. Please Click Here.

Private Sick-Note

  • Some employers or insurance schemes may ask you to provide a private sick note.
  • There will be a fee if you require a private note for the first seven days of your illness.

Please speak to a member of the Front Line Team who will advise you of the charge applicable for this service.

Extensions for Sick Notes

Sick note extensions can be requested from our doctors, provided that the condition has not deteriorated and the sick note was issued by one of our GPs originally.

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