Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

Cervical screening can detect early warning signs of cervical cancer, and allow the removal of abnormal cervical cells so that patients avoid developing this condition. Regrettably, however, the number of women attending for screening is falling year on year.

In response to national Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (January 22nd – 28th), we wish to remind all of our patients that this screening can save lives and the opportunity to partake in the tests should not be passed over.

Cervical screening is available every three years at ages 25 to 49, and every five years at ages 50 to 64.

Please keep the following two pieces of information in mind:

  • Women who have had a total hysterectomy do not require a cervical screening. If you are receiving cervical screening invites or reminders and have had a total hysterectomy then please let us know so we can amend your records to prevent further recall.
  • Cervical screening is available to and recommended for transgender men¬†unless you have had a total hysterectomy. If you are a transgender man who has not yet changed your registered gender with our surgery then you will be reminded of the cervical screening test regularly. If you have changed your registered gender then you may not receive automated reminders, so please remember to call our surgery when you are next due for a screening.¬†


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