Vaccinations for Children

To all parents and carers,

Is your child up to date with important vaccinations which protect them against potentially serious infectious illnesses?  If in any doubt, you should contact the GP surgery to check.

A child receives a number of doses of some vaccines from when they are 8 weeks old up until they go to school, and beyond. They need all of these doses to strengthen their protection against infectious illnesses. It is important to complete them at the right times or your child may be at risk of catching them.

It is particularly important that a child is up to date with their vaccinations before they start school as this is when they come into contact with more children and potential sources of infection.

Unfortunately locally, vaccination rates are too low, with many children missing vital doses – putting them at serious risk and increasing the likelihood of an outbreak of infectious illnesses in the wider population.

It is not too late if your child has missed any – ask reception to contact your GP or practice nurse to recommend and arrange a catch-up.

Vaccinations are safe – they are thoroughly tested and are continually monitored.  It is the success of these vaccines that has helped to reduce the number of infections of some dangerous diseases such as measles, mumps and diphtheria. But these illnesses are still in circulation and if the number of fully protected children falls, these diseases can spread quickly.

Vaccinating your child also helps stop infections spreading to others, particularly those who cannot receive them, such as sick children, who are much more at risk from infections.

You can find a full letter of recommendation from Public Health England by clicking here. 

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